Crowding Out

Crowding Out

June 20, 2022 6:43 am

Crowding out.

The only approach to nutrition that involves adding more healthy food to your diet, rather than cutting back on foods you enjoy. The theory: We can only eat so much in a day (while being mindful) and so many foods within those meals. If we begin with making those meals abundant in healthy foods first and foremost, then there will leave less room for foods that may not be serving us.

This method develops over time and promises cravings for unhealthy foods are likely to disappear or diminish considerately.  Eating more nutritious and nutrient dense foods satisfies cravings and feeds the body, leaving us satiated. Opposed to when we eat more processed foods that usually spike blood sugar leaving us hungry shortly after. When our diet is crowded with processed foods we are left over fed and nutrient starved. When we fuel ourselves with the right nutrients, you will find intuitively that your choices will lead towards more nutritious foods, more often than processed foods. As you are working with your body and your body then works with your mind. 

Crowding out is the healthiest way to improve a diet. This is because there is no typical diet symptoms, such as; lack mentality, no feeling of deprivation or missing out. It is simply increasing, feeling abundant and plentiful. Abundance signals a message to our brain that tells us that we have enough and there is no need to binge or overeat. If we include plenty of vegetables as the majority of our food at each meal times, we will be able to use the other meal components more as sides and condiments to add to the meal but not as the main ingredient. Plus once the body is receiving nutrients from more whole foods it can begin to start to function optimally and deal with the processed foods in a more manageable way. This way of eating takes time to develop, if you love vegetables then great! But if your not used to eating this way, it may take some time to change your cravings and tastebuds. It is important to remember that the transition from eating a meal full of something other than vegetables. You will hopefully find that you will fuel up, having the same size meal but the majority of it being plants. So don’t worry if you intuitively feel like the amount seems a lot to fill you up in the start but after a while you will feel your body adjusting and your bio-chemistry will adapt. 

Eating in this way results in, the shift in loosing the desire to choose some of the food that dose not optimise your health and wellbeing. The shift occurs when these foods are no longer viewed as appetising or even as food! Your body is an intelligent complexed tool and will work with you rather than against you, if you look after it and nourish it properly. 

The mindset of crowding out focuses on the positive effects of the changes you’re making. Opposed to the mindset of lack which leads to feeling the need for more, which usually manifests and results in binge eating.

Actionable take away tips to crowd out:

1. Firstly drink water and keep hydrated throughout the day. We commonly mistake huger for thirst, keeping hydrated and carry a water bottle with you at all times can help to support this. 

2. Fill half your plate at lunch and dinner with vegetables (at least). Try to include different varieties and different colours of plant foods, over the course of the days and weeks . Eating this way is great for our fibre intake and optimises digestion. 

3. Add a piece of fruit a half hour before breakfast. I suggest letting the fruit digest before including other food groups to follow food combing principles. By having the hydrating, nourishing fruit, you will be less likely to opt for an unhealthy option when you do decide to have a fuller meal.


Crowding out is a simple and positive approach that helps you fill up on healthy food so you don’t have to worry about dieting or calories. The more you fill yourself up with nutrient-dense foods, the less room there’ll be left in your stomach, thoughts and kitchen for unhealthy snacks. Instead of thinking of which foods you have to give up to eat healthily, you start focusing on nourishing your body with wholesome foods that actually taste good too!

Crowding Out: The Anti-Diet. This is why it works. 

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This post was written by Amelia Crossley