Travel Tips That Don’t Forget About Your Wellness

Travel Tips That Don’t Forget About Your Wellness

July 22, 2023 2:03 pm

Take your wellness routine with you this travel season, with these top tips for keeping on top of your health.

After spending a few years living out of a suitcase and navigating new places, I would like to think I would know the how too’s of being a pro at what it takes to travel with ease, however I still need to be reminded that just because your jetting away does not mean abandoning your health. I am definitely one to be more spontaneous in a new place and try to fully immerse myself in a new culture and experiences. This involves moving with the rhythm of a place, waking and going to bed at different times, eating the food and either resting more on a more chilled trip or walking miles whilst in a city. As much as I love a 180 flip of routine, my body always takes a while to catch up.

After a long haul, around day 2 I will seem to feel a little under the weather, this is because the body has turned down the adrenaline and cortisol caused by the travelling process and now with this decline a more settled nervous system my body suddenly feels depleted. This is a common rhythm I have witnessed in myself, so I now know to take a more gentle approach the first couple days of a trip in order to avoid a major crash.

Being in transit is cramped, crowded and even when you get an upgrade, it is still the anti-ness of wellness yet without the journey you would never reach the destination. It is a temporary sacrifice. Besides from the inevitable post plane readjustment, these are my top tips to take with you for once you have reached your destination to make a trip more balanced and well.

  • Adjust to the time zone asap. Jet lag is an utter downer but simple ways to trick your circadian rhythm can be used as a great tool to get your system back on track towards your new time zone. Simple tips including eating your meals and only sleeping in conjunction with the new time zone really help and not forgetting the beneficial effect of sun light, if you arrive and its day time, get outside and expose your eyes to sun light.
  • Sleep longer and deeper. Getting enough rest is key to overall health, studies show we sleep better whilst on holiday, this may because of our more timely attitude and not feeing rushed or naturally waking up. Indulge in the extra time in bed, your body will thank you.
  • Stay Hydrated. No matter what activities you’re up to while on vacation or where you choose to go, we all know staying hydrated is key to feeling our best, keeping digestion calm, energy up, and focus sharp. Be sure to keep a glass of water nearby to have between alcoholic drinks and before meals.
  • Stock up on healthy snacks. It’s easy to go for something quick when you’re super hungry but by avoiding making poor choices by being prepared and packing some healthy snacks before you leave for vacation or pick some up when you arrive at your destination. When you reach your vacation spot, head to a local store and choose some stand by snacks to have to hand that support you feeling your best.
  • Eat what’s local. Dining whilst on holiday will look different depending on location and type of break you are taking, a great way to immerse yourself in a culture is by eating the food and if your choosing locally sourced ingredients, chances are the food will be fresher, healthier and less processed. It’s a win, win.
  • Work out by walking. Walking is a great way to explore a new place, whilst being beneficial for our health. When I travel to a city, I find it so easy to clock up steps and try to walk to places opposed to public transport. Take a walk after dinner, Walking after a meal can give you several distinct benefits. First, you can get exercise at a time when you might not otherwise be exercising as frequently. It can also provide some quiet alone time to de-stress and aid your digestion all at once. All of these factors combined are good for your physical and mental health.
  • Important opportunity to recover. Opposed to the above tip, If you are going on a more relaxed trip, perhaps a summer beach break, chances are the location may not be the best location for walking. In these places I try to move my body in some sort of way, maybe its a hotel class or a online yoga flow but actually by fully lean into resting and taking a temporary brake from working out can be incredibly efficient at excelling us in our health journey. Taking time to recover is great for prevention and avoids any fitness plateaus, it’s good to keep the body guessing! You probably will find new found energy when back on a routine when home.
  • Take Advantage of Healthy Hotels. Wellness is spreading into our hotels, with many offering healthy perks, such as great gym facilities, classes, healthy snack options or room service, and in-room yoga videos. Some hotels even have a running or walking routes that will take give you ideas of routes to take while exploring a place.

Take These Tips Away

No one wants to return from a trip feeling worse than when they left. Wherever you are off too, take these travel wellness tips with you. Leave your trip feeling refreshed and on track to wellbeing goals, with simple shifts that allow you to still feel best and support your wellness even whilst away from home.

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This post was written by Amelia Crossley