Wellbeing Throughout The Home

Wellbeing Throughout The Home

August 7, 2022 7:19 am

Our environment impacts our mindset and when we invest the time and energy in improving our environment, we are investing in our wellbeing. The spaces ,in which you spend most time, affect and influence many aspects of your life, such as your mood, mindset, mental clarity, productivity and both your physical and mental health too. The importance of creating intentional spaces to enjoy and spend time in, is vital for a full vibrant happy life. 

A life avoiding spending time settled in a home is a life that is frantic, non-stop and restless. Shining a light on wellness in the home, does not have to be an expensive or taxing undertaking but more like a gift we give ourselves to promote grounding. 

A life needs both ying and yang, rest and play, time at home and time outside the home. Let’s make our spaces ones we value and cherish! Holding the home as a place of importance for they provide for us in many ways. 

We can take inspiration from many aspects of wellbeing throughout history and translate them through our home environments. 

For example, we first turn to ancient china to explore Feng shui.

The ancient Chinese art of feng shui is the art of arranging buildings, objects, space and life to achieve harmony and balance. Feng shui helps you make the most of your living space by harmonising its energy flow. This teaches us the energy of an environment can become whatever we desire. With the right atmosphere and attention to detail. Feng shui has many properties and if this energetic lay out sounds approachable to you, I highly suggest diving deeper into Feng shui floor plans, to follow when arranging furniture.  Consider incorporating wood into a space as the wood element is an important role in the Feng Shui elements. When in balance wood enhances trust, originality, spirituality, stillness, new growth and ideas. Peaceful feelings come in wooded areas. The best material for any bed is wood. Wood also nourishes the intensity of the fire element, symbolising your emotions, your passion, and your heart. 

Taking inspiration from many modalities of wellness, and top tips to include in your living space:


Crystals are natural creations, they truly are magical and creations from a divine moment in nature. Crystals often form in nature when liquids cool and start to harden. Certain molecules in the liquid gather together as they attempt to become stable. They do this in a uniform and repeating pattern that forms the crystal. Placing crystals in the home raises the vibration, by the power of their energetic properties and fills a space with positive energy, you can choose specific crystals according to what energy you want to cultivate in each area of your home.

Pink Himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are crystals carved from amber coloured rock salt. The crystals are used because they are natural ionizers, meaning they change the electrical charge of the circulating air into a more breathable and pure air. Including these lamps in the home, balances electromagnetic radiation. Cleanses, deodorises and purifies air. With them also being known for calming allergies and reducing asthma.


Having living plants in your environment Boost your mood, productivity, concentration and creativity. They also reduce stress, fatigue, sore throats and colds. They work as a natural filtration system by helping clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity & producing oxygen. As part of the photosynthetic and respiratory processes, plants release moisture vapour, which increases humidity of the air around them. By including plants into a space, we can increase the humidity of a room which helps keeps respiratory easy and pure.

Natural light

A space with natural bright light, instantly connects you with the outside world. Light works by grounding us and facilitates becoming in tune with our circadian rhythm. When properly aligned, a circadian rhythm can promote consistent and restorative sleep. But when this circadian rhythm is thrown off, it can create significant sleeping problems, including insomnia. With natural light we can live the the times and flow in alignment with nature and the seasons. Natural lighting will also reduce the production of harmful bacteria and organisms that can grow in any house. Sunlight improves circulation, and natural sun increases red blood cells, which boosts your immune system.

A tidy environment

A tidy room really does spark a tidy mind. Declutter and clearing brings an exhilarating sense of new-found freedom and space. If we internally want to have a sense of space in our minds then the energy of our environment must feel spacious. If we want to expand in our life we need the space in order to grow. So even in the smallest of homes, include a clear space, even if it is small, the energetic resemblance means so much more.

An organised office

You can get more work done in much less time in a tidy office. We all want our works lives to be as efficient and effortless as possible. When the space is in order-the mind will follow. If we can set ourselves up to do the best work possible we need to give ourselves the right help, through our offices being a space we like to be in we are more likely to find passion and creativity allowing our tasks to thrive and flourish.

Essential oils and diffusers

Essential oils have many different benefits, they trigger senses within the brain that stimulates relaxation. The number of options is vast but find what works for you and research which ones might be able to support your personal needs. Essential oils are powerful in balancing the nervous system, reducing stress, calming anxiety and leave the area feeling tranquil. Not forgetting the gorgeous aroma they give off. 

Palo santo and sage

These ancient roots and herbs have been used for centuries to cleanse and remove negative energy to make space for more positive energies instead. Sage was common during Native American rituals, warding off evil spirits, and ceremonies for purification and cleansing while Palo Santo (also called “holy wood”) has roots dating back to the ancient Inca’s of South America. By burning these herbs in the home, we cleanse and reset the energy to invite new energy in. We can use them as scared tools to help reduce stress, pain and anxiety due to negative energy frequencies.

A clear table for meals

Where and how people eat plays a big role in weight, nutrition and overall health. If we want to practise mindfulness around food, we need to practise focusing on enjoying our meals and not being distracted by external items near by. When we eat in spaces which our cluttered or messy our brains can easily become engaged with everything apart from the meal in front of us .Try to use a dining space, for meals only and not as a space for work or a storage surface. Your digestion will benefit and the awareness of tuning into our bodies become clearer. 

Closing conclusion

So we have established that our home environments affect our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Invest time and thought into this area. Become creative and see your home as another tool to optimise your wellbeing and fulfil your potential.

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This post was written by Amelia Crossley