What Is A PostBiotic ?

What Is A PostBiotic ?

May 29, 2022 6:13 am

For the gut curious, taking care of our gut microbiome may feel like a full time job. With new fascinating research coming to the surface each month, many might have come across the topic of postbiotics, which are now beginning to become available in supplement form. However this new grey area of gut health and supplementation, may seem like uncharted territory. So within this post, I hope to bring clarity to the topic of post-biotics.

What Are Postbiotics?

The gifts of a healthy gut

First we recognise: Gut microbes and probiotics are active bacteria and yeasts. Those bacteria and yeasts thrive by eating prebiotics. 

Postbiotics are the metabolites of probiotics, or the components that result from probiotic activity in the gut, like fermentation. As intestinal microbes consume prebiotic fibre, the result of that fermentation or consumption is what is known as postbiotics.

Postbiotics are then what’s left over after those prebiotics are digested and fermented in the intestine. A postbiotic is the functional compounds that have been metabolised by microbes and fermented in the gut. New research has suggested the significant benefits for our health and potential new age breakthroughs in postbiotic medicine. The postbiotics themselves are soluble factors, secreted by live bacteria, or released after bacterial lysis, providing physiological benefits to the host. Some of the left over postbiotics could well be just be waste products, however some may be the game changers for overall health.


If your an agent of change in gut transformation, then it could be very beneficial to be including a postbiotic supplement, in addition to a pro and pre biotic supplement. Research has found they have shown multiple positive health impacts including lowering inflammation, improvement in immune health and possibly help to prevent type 2 diabetes.

What To Look For?

When searching for an ideal postbiotic supplement, its important to careful research your ingredients. Looking for supplementation through a concentrated whole food based capsule is usually the most effective route to go down. There’s a whole-food fermented yeast called EpiCor that’s a postbiotic, and it’s been studied for its relationship with a healthy immune system. Also the short chain fatty acid butyrate, a compound that’s usually found in the gut as a postbiotic, has been studied for supporting healthy gut function.

Changing The Gut Health Game 

Prebiotics and probiotics have gained a lot of attention for improving gut health, and rightly so. However as postbiotics have emerged as another group of beneficial compounds that can help improve your health, we may want to evolve with the new upcoming research. With postbiotics being linked to a number of health benefits for the gut, the immune system, and various other aspects of health. The gut is one of the most important aspects of ourselves to take care of, the gut is the key to an overall improvement to our health, and how we feel. The gut brain connection truly is so strong and powerful, so when we look after our gut health we can unlock not only empowered physical health but also within our mental health. So the new ‘up and coming’ postbiotic could be the missing puzzle piece in your gut health journey. 

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