What’s The True Motivation Behind Your Goals?

What’s The True Motivation Behind Your Goals?

December 25, 2022 6:12 pm

What’s Your Why? What Is Driving Your Goals.

This time of year, many of us are thinking about the next chapter that the new year will present to us. So we set intentions and resolutions in order to ‘fix’ or change into the better version of what is currently present. I am all for clients setting goals and I myself thrive off reaching mile stones of which I intentionally created for myself. I do however see why this time of year can be, in some ways, toxic. The need that we must resolve so many aspects at once and change so many factors of our life, makes me question wether it is not a productive goal setting exercise but actually a generalisation of a strive towards common, collective acceptance. Most of the time these goals don’t survive past January as they are not authentic to the individual but rather a broader desire to fit in and be stripped even more of our individuality.

Most people blame their failure to fulfill resolutions on a lack of time, resources, or motivation, or a loss of drive after starting. Only about 16 percent of people are able to follow their resolutions, according to research. This is not encouraging data, yet I do believe there is a way in which we can set goals and implement positive change and it comes with grace, time, clarity, motivation, and aligned action.

Are Your Goals Your Own ?

Are our goals set by ourselves or by others? We can feel pressured by, family friends and society (even subconsciously) to desire things that we think we want, need or desire. Are these honestly are authentic desires? Or do we have other true cravings.

For example, maybe your parents have implemented an idea in your mind that you want to be a doctor when you grow up. Your sent into the best education surrounded by a society to support this goal of becoming a doctor. Your friends, family, and teachers have all identified this goal of yours and it has become your identity. Your brought up in a way to favour this path, its all you ever have know. Yet something awakens deep inside of you, a calling for another path. At this point you are likely to feel ashamed, embarrassed and scared of this message that is coming through. This is not your fault it simply is because, it was never your authentic goal, but an external goal placed upon you.

Goal Identity– Identifying Your True ‘Why’ to Accomplish Your Goals.

A goal without proper motivation has already failed. When we let intention slip away, when we create a goal, we are setting ourselves up to fail.

We have goals and then we have intentions.

I believe the intentions behind our goals, are the golden nuggets that drive a goal toward success. Goals usually can be misinterpreted by external factors, where our intentions are internal motivations.

 We can view goals as targets that are focused on the future. Intentions are the driving force that creates the process of begging your goal in present moment. Goals are a destination or specific achievement. Intentions are the steps, taking and lived each day that are the stepping stone to achieving the goal or destination.

How To Create Conscious Intentions

In order to actually figure out what our authentic goals are, we have to give the room for them to be able to come through. Try becoming settled in present moment, maybe try meditation , journalling or taking a walk in nature. This will allow you to have internal conversations with yourself, without outside noise. when we amplify our own voice, we can become honest and selfish in the best way possible.

Goals & Activity

It’s important we can not mistake goals with activities we undertake to reach our goals. For example we may believe going to the gym  x number of times a week is our goal. However with awareness we find out why we are going to the gym In the first place, for example this could be to become a healthier parent who can play with their children on weekends. This is the actual goal, the activity is the aligned action steps we take to reach the goal. 

When Goals Seem Stagnant

Sometimes problems arise with goals. This can be because, while setting goals can motivate you they can also produce a feeling that what you currently have isn’t enough.  A sense of unease can come over you if your goal-oriented life discounts all that is good in the present moment.

Present Peace

Presence is a theme that is repeatedly come back to through out all mindfulness practices. Is this because presence is the true way to unlock a joyful life? Very possibly, however we can also use presence to get clear about our intentions. When we live in the moment we access contentment. Contentment means to be happy with what you have, who you are, and where you are. It is respecting the reality of the present. It is appreciating what you do have and where you are in life. Let me add- you can be at peace and happy with where you are, whilst consciously be creating where you want to go. From my experience the most we actually embrace the journey, the destination is reached much faster and with more ease and less resistance.

I hope this message creates a new way to access endless possibilities of what your capabilities are. Let your intentions create limitless boundaries and drive your goals from a place of self empowerment, for this next year or tomorrow, there is no right time to take the first step towards a more empowered life. 

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This post was written by Amelia Crossley